Brainshark – cloud-based Mobile video Presentation software

Brainshark is a cloud-based online and Mobile video Presentation software which help you to easily transform static content like PowerPoint presentation into interactive video presentations that are voice enabled.

Brainshark  online and Mobile video Presentation

It’s an cloud based video presentation software where User can easily access their presentations at anytime from anywhere. You can also track these presentations performance in order to determine how effective your communications really are.

You will be able to make presentations both over the internet as well as through your mobile and will consequently be able to bring in a great deal of efficiency into your working life.

it give you simple cloud based platform which is know as Brainshark CST Platform where average businessperson can create, share as well as track their own mobile and online video presentations.

The presentations are run on secured platforms hosted through cloud computing. The platform also facilitates multi users and is especially helpful in an organization setting which need multiple users operating at the same time.

You might also use the my Brainshark variant if you want to use it for a small enterprise or a home based business.

Features of Brainshark – Online and Mobile Video Presentations

  1. Caters to the Needs of All Enterprises
  2. The Brainshark presentations are geared towards needs of enterprises of various different sizes. It is a multi user solution and constitutes the most crucial component of one among four enterprise edition packages. It enabled different types of enterprises all around the world to communicate very effectively with their audiences.
  3. Easy Installation and Learning Curve
  4. Creating the Brainshark presentations is very easy and fast. You will not have to install anything. The learning curve is also quite minimal. You will be able to update as well as enrich your presentations at any given time thus extending the benefits and the values of each and every communication.
  5. Easy to Access your Data
  6. You will be able to share your presentations very easily online as the moment you create a presentation it can be accessed through a web link. The video presentations that you make by using the Brainshark software will also be easily accessed by your audience on their computers and mobile phones. They will be able to view the presentations on demand at any time in the day.
  7. Tracking and Reporting Facilities
  8. One of the most useful and valuable features of the Brainshark software is tracking and reporting. The presentations that you make will have very powerful tracking as well as reporting capabilities. As a Brainshark user you will be able to obtain extensive details regarding the behavior of the viewers.
  9. Good Security and Privacy Options
  10. The Brainshark software is characterized by excellent privacy and security features. The software offers powerful privacy related capabilities and powerful content security. So you will be able to ensure the security and privacy of the content that you create with the Brainshark software.

Thus, the Brainshark software is a really wonderful software product that you could use for creating online and mobile video presentations.

Download : Brainshark

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