Bricolage – open source Content management system

Bricolage is a open-source enterprise-class content management (CMS) and publishing system written in the Perl programming language. It offers a browser-based interface for ease-of use, a full-fledged Perl and PHP based templating system with complete programming language support for flexibility, and many other features. It operates in an Apache/mod_perl environment, and uses the PostgreSQL RDBMS for its repository.

Bricolage - open source Content management system

Bricolage specially designed to simplifies the complex tasks of creating, managing, and publishing the vast libraries of content essential to any organization. Its features include intuitive yet highly configurable administration, workflow, permissions, templating, server-neutral output, distribution, and document management.


  • Streamline content updates by allowing authorized users to update the site directly.
  • Update from any computer with a Web browser. Bricolage works in all major browsers and requires no additional software or plug-ins.
  • Maintain editorial control and review through customizable workflows that require content to pass through an editor before publication.
  • Restrict user privileges to only the pages and features each user needs in order to limit the potential for abuse.
  • Easily revert to an older copy of a document at any time in case of an unwanted update.
  • Enforce a consistent look and feel through the use of powerful templates.
  • Generate server-neutral HTML or XML output that can be served by any web server on any platform.
  • Automatically push content to a front-end Web server or server cluster to allow virtually unlimited scalability.

Download: Bricolage

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