BrightPearl – Online CRM and Accounting software for businesses

Brightpearl is a Web-Based CRM Software that enables the customers to organize their contacts, notes, activities, and make invoices to clients within one single system.

It also a CRM on demand so you can access this data online anywhere, anytime.

The software enables you to run your entire business in one single system and enables you to access the application from anywhere in the World.


The software enables the use of canned responses, quick notes, batch processing, making your work less time-consuming. Brightpearl is completely web-based software and is therefore online 24*7.

No matter what time of the day, the software is constantly undertaking the missions assigned to it and this makes the application stand out in a crowd of new software that is web-based.

Brightpearl is cloud-based software – which means that your data is hosted for you on the internet.

This makes it easier for you since you are not needed to download any application or use up disk space and it is accessible from multiple sites and has multiple user access without the complexities of networks.

This means that the customer is free to access files and use the software on his own free time. This is a feature that is not easily available in the technical field.

The software has a well-established marketing tools and quotes processing application which enables the customer to promote and flourish their business more successfully.

Running your whole business on one software is a point most people refuse to find believable.

But Brightpearl makes the impossible task possible by incorporation all major applications needed to make your work easier and less time consuming – not to forget, more appealing to your clients.

There is a new option for designing your business card also. Brightpearl in collaboration with has put up a new option for designing the best business cards for your company.

A business card not only has an appealing presentation of the company to the clients but also gives a descriptive view of the company’s caliber.

Features of Brightpearl

  1. Less time consuming as the application is a completely web-based software; therefore one can access them whenever possible.
  2. Brightpearl is cloud-based software, which means that it is essentially an online application. Therefore, the customers do not have to worry about the application of consuming hard disk space.
  3. Purchasing, E-commerce, selling of stocks, invoices, service desk are all the available features that enable the customer to flourish his business more swiftly and successfully
  4. No need for a download. The software is easily workable online.
  5. All the information is integrated into one place, therefore all the files and documents are in one place.
  6. Multi-user access without complex networks.

Brightpearl Web Based CRM Software is a single software system that is helpful for not only the corporate business companies but also for those who have regular access to the internet and can spend long hours working through the Internet.

The software looks after every business-related problem there is through its well defined, well-designed applications that are available 24*7.

Download: Brightpearl

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