brix CMS- Apache Wicket-based CMS framework

Brix CMS is a simple yet powerful Apache wicket and JCR based CMS framework that serve the content which make it easy to embed custom Wicket components into any CMS page, allowing rich integration with any existing Wicket web application.

brix CMS - Apache Wicket-based CMS framework

Using Apache Jackrabbit allows Brix to easily integrate full text search, versioning, and WebDav access. brix is not fully featured CMS, it’s an CMS framework that provide CMS functionality to any existing wicket based applications.

Features of brix CMS

  1. Apache Wicket based CMS framework : It allow you to makes developing web-apps simple and enjoyable.
  2. Based on JCR (Java Content Repository) : It use enterprise-standard data repository for storage.
  3. Extensible through a simple plugin system
  4. User-friendly Admin Interface
  5. Powerful Templating system
  6. Flexible security framework
  7. Easy to Integrate configurable, reusable blocks of dynamic content into your CMS ranging from a simple Contact Us form to a complex Forum application.
  8. User defined, simple, clone-able site structures provide additional ease of use.
  9. Allows for a collaborative approach to document creation, editing, and distribution. Also easy to edit using your favorite desktop HTML editor.
  10. support for version control and backup.
  11. WYSIWYG content editing
  12. Incorporate rich text and the associated formatting.
  13. Basic workflow/publishing support and flexible security infrastructure.

Download : brix cms

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