Brizzly – Unique social media reader

Brizzly is a reader that collaborates with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. It makes the activity of browsing and updating your status simpler. With Brizzly you can also avail a few more added facilities. Brizzly is constantly active connecting you with the people, trends and information you are interested in. Brizzly is an easy and fun software. It makes social networking easier and exciting.

You can use Brizzly in the same way you use Twitter and Facebook. You can update your status, post comments and like pages using Brizzly. You can stay informed about status updates of your friends. Brizzly comes free of cost. It is very simple to create a Brizzly account using Twitter and Facebook. You view photos and videos using your Brizzly account. Brizzly provides a user friendly overview of your social life.


You can update yourself with new and trends if you check Brizzly Guide. The Guide allows you to discuss about events happening worldwide. Brizzly lets you utilize data in Brizzly through an Application User Interface (API). Brizzly API has two features- Brizzly picture thumbnails and Lets Be Trends. The public API describes what you can do with Let’s Be Trends. Brizzly is yet to be released publicly. Once it is released more features will be added to Brizzly.

Features of Brizzly

  1. Brizzly lets you to view why certain topics are trending on Twitter and you can personally edit their details by yourself.
  2. You can exclude a certain user’s updates from your FrontPage view. This is useful if you want to discontinue seeing someone’s updates for a short period of time. You can easily change your settings on the Settings page.
  3. To view photos and videos you do not need to navigate to another page. You can see videos from YouTube and Vimeo and pictures from Brizzly, Twitter and Facebook.
  4. You can upload images from the updating icon. Brizzly hosts your pictures and links them to your Twitter or Facebook account.
  5. Brizzly sends you timely notifications about any new updates that have taken place. Brizzly even maintains a timeline for your updates.
  6. Facebook has a special Recent Activity feature. Recent Activity shows your latest updates and the activities you recently participated in. Whether you have made new friends or your friends have made some comments on your posts or liked any of your comments or pictures you can see it all in the Recent Activity option.
  7. Brizzly Picnics are an innovative way to stay connected to your friends and family. You can send and receive messages, photos and videos through the chat option. The contents of your picnic are visible only to those who you have invited to join your picnic.
  8. You can use Brizzly from your iPhone account. There are also additional features that enhance your mobile tweeting experience using Brizzly.

Brizzly is a unique way that makes social networking easy. There are no complicated options to confuse you. Brizzly ensures 100% user satisfaction.

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