Build Ajax-enabled web interfaces with DHTMLX Layout


DHTMLX Layout is an JavaScript DHTML component that provides powerful and efficient solution for building Ajax-enabled web interfaces with ease. It allows web developers to programmatically define interface structure, including layout of elements and their sizes and organize content within collapsible/expandable panes. End users can easily resize interface elements, collapse or expand them.


With DHTMLX Layout, you can construct sophisticated web interfaces in a simple and convenient way. Since v2.5 the component provides new engine for better performance, and also the abilities to easily detach objects from its panes and adjust its size dynamically to a parent container on the page. Due to extended cross-browser compatibility, the component works perfectly well in all main web browsers (IE, FF, Safari, Opera, Chrome).

Features of DHTMLX Layout

  1. New engine for better performance
  2. Easy objects detaching
  3. Single command integration with dhtmlx components
  4. Cross browser compatibility
  5. Resizable items
  6. Script API
  7. Collapsible items
  8. Ability to set margins and adjust size in parent container
  9. Show/hide menu, toolbar, status bar
  10. Destructor method added
  11. Wide range of predefined layouts

Visit: dhtmlxLayout

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