Calenco – XML based web collaborative Editing Platform

Calenco is a web based collaborative editing platform that allow teams of writers, designers and translator to collaboratively produce multi-lingual rich documents like User Guides, Quality Procedures, Reference and Training Manuals and publish them in various formats such as PDF, HTML, etc.. The platform is a written in Java and uses XML technology to store and transform your content.

Calenco - web collaborative Editing Platform

Features of Calenco

  1. XML based content management system and collaborative Editing Platform
  2. Workflows management
  3. Support for Repository-level versioning
  4. Supports various XML source formats
  5. Multilingual content management system
  6. Dynamic virtual classification and documents search
  7. Collaborative writing and translating of rich documents based on the XML format.
  8. Publication in various formats (PDF, web, printing, etc.)
  9. Publication parameters back-up
  10. Highlighting of modifications between two versions
  11. Content filtering
  12. Layout customization
  13. Automatic publication at each modification
  14. Lucene Search
  15. Multi platform support
  16. Bowser based GUI

Download :
Homepage :

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