Calligra Suite – Multiplatform Office Suite by KOffice

The Calligra Suite is considered to be a sequence of operations that permits you to get your task done in a smooth manner. It accommodates two type of applications one is office applications and another one is graphic oriented applications. Plug-ins is extensive in terms of structure.

Calligra Suite

The distinct quality of the suite is that it works on both the interface of words and on file management system, along with that it also delivers you the graphic oriented applications too.

The suite in all totals comprises of eight application they are as follows the (For office use) – tables for computations, MS words for text processing, kexi for database creation, stage for create professional presentations, flow for flowcharts and plan for project planning.

In relation to the graphic use are karbon for vector graphics and krita for painting and raster drawing. All the applications are made fluid so that it can be utilized for both simple personal and business like works.

The calligra suite has the ability to work on any platform – UNIX, windows, Linux, Meego and maemo.

Features of Calligra Suite

  1. Selective Installation – While installing Calligra suite you would have the option of installing the required apps only which you would be requiring. There is no need to install all the apps which unnecessarily gulps much of the disk space. Install the component which you require and then work with it.
  2. Open Document system  – The Calligra Suite stores all important documents in a free to access file format system. The file format system is ISO standardized and it can be opened and operated across different office suites. The different office suites that accept this file format are, Google Docs, LibreOffice, Microsoft Office, Lotus Symphony and many more.
  3. Flexible Toolbars – The user interface of the Calligra suite is very User friendly. The significant toolbars can be placed in any desired place of yours in the window so that you may easily complete your desired works. You will also have the ability of positioning the toolbars in separate windows out of the specific applications. This placement ability of the toolbars allows the users to keep their window clean and make their workspace compact.
  4. New Incorporated Objects – Unlike many other office suites, the Calligra suite offers fresh new sets of shapes that helps you with your different works.
  5. Words – This is the word processor app of the Calligra suite. This helps you to easily edit all your word related problems and can share or publish them on the portal. Adding pictures, shapes, charts, drawings would never be easier than this. Words also allow creation of tables much easier and the mail merge feature is also unique.
  6. Stage – This is the presentation application which would be providing you with some beautiful backgrounds with the help of which you can impress your clients or your counterparts.
  7. Calligra suite unlike the other office suite, comes with a project management application that eases to administer all your project related issues.
  8. Calligra Mobile – This office suite comes in the mobile platform too.

Download : Calligra Suite

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