CanvasXpress – JavaScript graphing library based on the canvas tag

CanvasXpress is a JavaScript graphing library based on the canvas tag of HTML5 that provides a generic and simple way to display genomics data.


It use canvas tag of HTML 5 to create multiple types of graphs such as bar graphs, line graphs, bar-line combination graphs, box plots, dot plots, area graphs, stacked graphs, percentage-stacked graphs, correlation plots, Venn diagrams, heat maps, Newick trees, 2D-scatter bubble plots, 2D-3D-scatter plots and pie charts.

It also support for a few data transformation like log and exponential transformation, z-score, percentile and ratio transformation. All graphs are compatible with all major browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and IE. Older browsers need an additional library included.

CanvasXpress is a free JavaScript graphing library released under GNU General Public License (GPL).

Download : canvasXpress
Demo : canvasXpress

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