CartoView- JavaScript web mapping framework to create online maps

CartoView is an open source web mapping framework that allow you to create and edit your online map components and presentation easily and quickly. it written in JavaScript and very flexible to handle your online map components and presentation.

CartoView - JavaScript web mapping framework

user can easily integrate cartoview framework with Google Maps, Google Earth Browser, Openlayers and other mapping APIs . it also offers an advanced plugin architecture for rendering plugins on many web mapping applications and improve your mapping functionality without touching the core system.

An online extension repository provide a number of useful code extensions contributed by the community and the CartoView team. Extensions to CartoView are in the form of:

  1. Plugins offering specific mapping functionality
  2. CSS templates to help you get started fast with the map page look and feel
  3. Core extensions—to enhance and change CartoView default behavior

Download :

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