cFTP – clients oriented file transfer protocol (FTP)

cFTP is a client-oriented PHP based file transfer protocol (FTP) that allows you to create a repository to send/receive files with multiple clients.

You can create multiple clients accounts with a very easy to use front end.

Then you can upload as much files as you want under each account, with the ability to add a title and description to each one.

Clients-Oriented FTP Interface – cFTP

Each client have limited access to view the file only uploaded for them which also works as a history of “sent” files.

They can check the differences between versions, the time that it took to do that, and so on.

Even you can save hundreds of MB on email accounts since every file remains on your server until you decide to delete it, and they can be accessed from any browser anywhere at anytime.

Features of cFTP

  1. Really simple and attractive design. Ease of use for both users and clients
  2. available with an installer, much like the WordPress one.
  3. User roles (Administrator. Account Manager, Uploader)
  4. Sortable full lists of files, users and clients
  5. Options for localization (you can select your own time zone and date format). This is reflected immediately on every list.
  6. On the listings, picture files not only have the mandatory download link, but also a thumbnail for easy recognition.
  7. Options and logo selection pages. Your company logo is seen on the clients lists.
  8. Can be translated easily (all texts strings are located on a specific file)

Download :

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