Chamilo – e-learning and collaboration platform

The open source project family has a new radical member in the form of Chamilo. It not only has its own effectiveness but also points at providing the top e-learning and collaboration platform in the open source category.

Chamilo e-learning platform

In the initial stages Chamilo is available in the market in two distinct types; the first being the Chamilo and the other being the Dokeos The latest development of Chamilo 2.0 is expected to provide all its anxious customers a creative and fresh tool that will provide them utmost effectiveness.

Chamilo has a current usage of more than 250,000 school, college and university students all over the globe and has been highly acclaimed all around. Apart from the student based institution private concerns, both private and public training institutions, various NGO’s and plenty of other organizations use the Chamilo platform to conduct all their training programs or distant education programs and even plays an effective role in the procedure of staff selections and certification.

The Chamilo brand is owned by a nonprofit organization named Chamilo VZW. The Chamilo trademark till date has never been owned nor will be owned by anybody. Thereby there are considerably negative chances that this trademark will be ever removed from the open source category. In order to prevent the software from any forms of corruption, a separate association has been formed to protect the rights of the software.

The Chamilo is one such software that not only indulges itself in providing all round benefits to the millions of students and trainees but also takes care of the fact that in the future too it suffices to all the growing demands. Therefore it has its own objectives that prove that in the near future too it will keep on with its good works.

  • It has its determined objectives in developing fresh and modern features that will be extremely effective as per the requirement of the users. It will also take care of the error removing feature or the debugging feature that will help it to run hassle free.
  • To increase the viability of the software, the company will also be promoting it in many of the top technical fairs such that the whole world may get benefitted from such an effective software.
  • Many of the software’ due to certain reasons fail to publicize their documentation, on the other hand Chamilo will be freely publicizing its documentation to the common mass.
  • It will also take into account effectual training sessions that may help a lot to many of the institutions and organizations.

Features of Chamilo

  1. Simple Development of educational articles and contents.
  2. Free and easy installation process on web hosting services
  3. Tracking of the user related work info that would be helpful in the near future
  4. Clean and simple interface, which allows the user to concentrate more on the learning prospect.
  5. Asynchronous and synchronous communication channels
  6. Availability of numerous tools that allows you to learn and manage effectively

Thus with the availability of such benefitting features and with such bright objectives this is a must try software.

Download : Chamilo

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