Monitor your real time traffic with chartbeat website analytics

Chartbeat is a unique application used to monitor the performance of website. The application shows its users the detailed information of their website’s traffic. That means the user can monitor the traffic density, the sender of the traffic and where the traffic is going.

chartbeat website analytics

Added to that, the application helps the user to respond to the happenings, e.g., he/she can promote her/his site accordingly or develop it accordingly. From checking the pulse of a site to follow the launching of a product, this user-friendly application works as a second hand of the user.

Chartbeat helps in providing the real-time data of any website by monitoring the site’s activities. With the help of this application, you can track the traffic movement of your site, check an application or a product launching and control website’s content. Chartbeat also helps you to take an action on the happenings. The user dashboard of Chartbeat is enabled with SMS alert, e-mail alert and iPhone access.

You will be notified as soon as the site’s performance speeds down, gets a traffic spike suddenly or stops. Chartbeat also monitors weather the visitors are getting engaged in the content of the site or moving off the content. The in-depth analysis of the application helps you, as a user, to improve the site’s performance by changing the layout, design or any other element/s of the site.

The layout of the Chartbeat is well managed and clean. The data of the traffic density and the visitors are displayed by a graph. The engagement segment point towards the viewers writing on your website or reading the contents. The traffic segment counts the daily hits. The time taken to load the server and the page is checked by the site performance segment. Backtype section checks as well as lists the mention of this application in social media and tweeter. You can also personalize and customize this application so that to receive email or mobile message notifications on the traffic of your site.

Features of Chartbeat

  1. Monitoring website’s pulse – Chartbeat can be called a pulse-rate checker as it checks and monitors the performance of your site.
  2. Multiple sites handling at a time – This application can handle multiple sites at a time and can keep a track of the performance of those sites.
  3. Alerts through e-mail and mobile messages – The user can receive notification of their site’s performance through e-mail and mobile messages (on subscription).
  4. In-depth performance analysis – The application does an in-depth performance analysis that helps the user to understand the weak areas of their site and improve them to receive maximum hits.
  5. Unique visitor’s list – The application provides a unique visitor’s list by studying the type of the movement of the visitor.

Chartbeat is a very useful tool for the site managers and owners who can use his tool to accelerate their sites growth and performance. From promoting the site to improving its prospects, this exceptional application is a revolution in the fields of website performance management.

Download : chartbeat

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