Chive – next generation MySQL database management tool

Chive is a open source web based MySQL database management tool written in PHP. The web-based user interface supports most of the common operations needed by software developers and database admins like create, alter and browse database, table, Routines, Trigger, Views, User management and import/ export.

Chive - next generation MySQL database management tool

Chive based on top of the current version of the Yii framework and takes advantage of the MVC design pattern and unit testing. Only minimal configuration are required to set up chive on your server, no database needed. Just download, extract and run. it also provide direct database authentication to avoids classical security gaps. No root or maintainer password has to be provided.

chive has one major fallback (which may pr may not effect you): it only supports MySQL 5+.

Features :

  • Direct database authentication to improve security
  • Editor with syntax highlighting
  • Independent platform
  • User management
  • Foreign keys
  • Indices
  • import/export

Download: chive

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