Citadel – open source messaging and collaboration platform

Citadel is an open source messaging and collaboration suite that offered various useful tools such as Email, calendaring/scheduling , address books, bulletin boards, mailing list server , instant messaging, wiki and multiple domain support all those tool are available under powerful web user interface.


With Citadel, user can work together and stay in touch without calling attention to itself. it is instantly install without need to manually integrate all the different components together. A unique architecture make him a versatile software. In order to modernize the Citadel platform for the Internet, the Citadel/UX developers added functionality such as a text-based interface, an AJAX-style web interface, and many popular PIM clients using SMTP/POP/IMAP. All of these can be used simultaneously and also extremely scalable.

Features of Citadel

  1. Email, calendaring, address books, bulletin boards, instant messaging, and more … all in one tightly integrated server package.
  2. High-performance, multiprotocol, multithreaded server engine
  3. Web browser, telnet/SSH, local client software accessible
  4. Standards-compliant e-mail built in: IMAP, POP3, ESMTP
  5. Group calendaring and scheduling (GroupDAV and Kolab-1 compatible)
  6. Built-in listserv (mailing list server)
  7. Integrated server-side mail sorting and filtering. Users can choose between an easy-to-use web based rules editor, or the power of writing complex scripts using the industry standard Sieve language.
  8. Support for push e-mail and mobile devices
  9. Database-driven, single-instance message store
  10. Built-in full text index for fast searching
  11. Authenticated SMTP for remote email submission
  12. Support for Multiple domain
  13. Built-in integration with perimiter email filtering technologies such as Real time Blackhole Lists (RBL’s), SpamAssassin, and ClamAV antivirus.
  14. Server-to-server replication.
  15. Web-based access to email, calendars, and everything else through a powerful AJAX-style front end
  16. Built-in instant messenger service
  17. Provide SSL/TLS encryption for all protocols
  18. Truly open source projects released under GNU General Public License (GPL3).

Download : Citadel

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