Clean AJAX – open source engine for AJAX


Clean AJAX is an open source, cross-browser Engine for AJAX that provides a high level interface to work with the AJAX technology.It is an easy to use solution that provides message queue, garbage collection, XSLT support, encryption, web service access, history and cache.

Clean AJAX - open source engine for AJAX

You can use Clean AJAX with any server-side technology such as PHP, Ruby on Rail, and .NET because it completely based on JavaScript . Check out the demo page so you can see Clean AJAX in action. It was created to solve real problems found on AJAX applications, and is used in many projects. Clean Ajax will help you to adopt AJAX saving your time and your code, reducing your learning curve and the code reengineering.

features of Clean Ajax:

  1. A high level of abstraction, just one facade to work with AJAX.
  2. Configuration by exception, minimum explicit configuration to work.
  3. Simple way to customize message’s behavior and apply your on logic to them.
  4. Multiple request handle, the engine is able to handle requests simultaneously.
  5. Exception handle, the engine is aware about exceptions and how to report them.
  6. Trace console to monitor messages’ life cycle.
  7. Cache and history control.
  8. Message queue used to manage the requests.
  9. Garbage collection.
  10. Integration with Web Services based on SOAP, XMLRPC and JSON protocols.
  11. Transition effects (Beta).
  12. Compliant with the OpenAjax Hub 1.0 Specification.
  13. Cross-browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Chrome).

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