clearDB MySQL Cloud Database Platform

ClearDB is one of the most advanced, auto-elastic cloud database platform that provide you an instant scalable data management solution to make your website, blog and mobile apps run faster in the cloud, all without you having to worry about database management, monitoring and maintenance.

clearDB MySQL powered cloud databaseClearDB is developed by specialist DBMS engineers so that the users can use it very easily, and can cater you with essential tools that can help the users to solve their database problems.

The ClearDB team is efficient enough to solve all your problems and if you face any problems you may consult anytime with team and sort it out. ClearDB utilizes the common MySQL system to handle all your database issues.

it has custom built services layer on top of MySQL that provide you a secure REST endpoint that you can use to get data in and out, as well as perform custom operations with ClearDB CGL stored procedures and triggers without having to leave the database.

The encryption of MySQL has made it an all encompassing arrangement and that facilitates you to control the uplifted traded web system and function to render ascendancy.

The process of attaining a data is very smooth and spontaneous too. The web renders you the stage to form your key schemes with the help of API protection scheme module that advances the storage system.

It use MySQL database backend to store and manage your data also work as application service platform that allow you to do things that most typical databases alone cannot do. It mainly emphasizes on how to build up the future websites and Apps.

The spontaneous database Apps is protected and accessible. Another specialty is that it can be played along with your used web browser.

Features of clearDB

  1. Globally circulated, multi-master skill – Using the MySQL straight option, ClearDB is distributed globally with the active sustainability for infinite number of copies. Along with that, multiple masters are available for the crucial in database accessibility and presentation.
  2. Complete multi-layer fault tolerant design – ClearDB initiates it’s data storage process using the EBS volumes with the advanced RAID configuration which helps to secure all the data volumes. ClearDB also has the unique self healing technique to fix any errors automatically. It will also let you know about the status of your database node at any point of time.
  3. Market Leading Dependability – ClearDB is has its setup in such a way that even if the main datacenter gets corrupted, you won’t be losing any of your data. ClearDb also does a routine backing up procedure such that every minute change of your data is kept intact.
  4. Fast, Dependable Support – ClearDB has a team of highly technical knowhow who takes care of all your database system. They ensure that your data is available quickly during the time of requirements, reliable and most of all they ensure the security of your data.
  5. High Security – ClearDB takes care of the aspect that every bit of your data is kept secured and checks that only the respective user can access it. The databases are monitored 24 hours every single day and the best advanced techniques are used to ensure that your data is kept at the most secured zone.

With such an array of highly beneficial features, ClearDB is sure to provide effective results to its users.

Download : ClearDB

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