Clientr- client tracking apps for small teams

Clientr is an efficient web-based solution for tracking activities of clients. It is suited for small professional teams. This software is handy in nature and does not require a steep learning curve. Using Clientr you can organize your clients and attract potential customers to try your products or services. You can keep track of each client individually and monitor all your deals using this software. Clientr helps in organizing all your data according to projects. It is a great solution for small scale businesses.

clientr client tracking tool

Clientr helps you manage your tasks in a spontaneous way. You can simply apply the Drag and Drop method to customize you the management of your clients. You can set priority of your customers as well as tasks. You can sign up for a 14 day free trial and later go for a paid version if you are satisfies with its services. There are three plans costing $6, $12 and $24 per month. They allow varied number of deals and from one to unlimited team members to use Clientr.

You can make your payment using your credit card through Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AmEx. It has an attractive user interface which provide Mac-like appearance. The dashboard takes care of every facility you require for effective client management. You can regularly check your deal status. Your deal status should be updated depending on how your customers have responded. It is just a simple software that can handle small scale projects very well.

Features of Clientr

  1. No installation of software is required. Clientr is pocket-friendly and you can immediately begin on managing your clients. You data are completely secured with Clientr.
  2. You can let your clients add and approve of deals. With Clientr it is extremely easy to track deals and sort them according to their current status i.e. if they are pending or active.
  3. Every detail about every project is carefully stored with Clientr. You and other users can view the latest status, details and history about a project and deal. You can also refer to customer history.
  4. You can manage client description. You can classify your customers according to if they are new customers or long-time loyal customers. You can view their details along with the details of their respective projects.
  5. The dashboard allows you to get a snapshot of your clients and projects. You can also track the progress of a deal on the Dashboard itself. Contacts of clients are made easily displayable.
  6. You can mail them if you need any assistance about handling this software. Clientr has an active support base that provides you assistance if need arises.

Clientr is the right solution for your company if it aims at managing a small number of clients. It does not have many advanced features. So it may be difficult to handle too many clients using this software. It works fine for small businesses. It surely gets your work done.

Download : Clientr- simple client tracking apps for small teams

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