webpop – The Cloud CMS for designer and their clients

webpop is a fully hosted content management system (CMS) with integrated SEO tools that mainly targeted to web designers, web professional and their clients. it work as software as a service (SaaS) application which provide full creative control for web designers and easy to use, simple web interface for their clients.


The system is running on the Rackspace Cloud and every part of the infrastructure has been designed to be fast, scalable and redundant. it also take care of caching contents, monitoring system performance and adding new servers dynamically, when it needed and of course it also handle all your updates to the system transparently without you ever having to worry about a self hosted WordPress install getting virus infected or your websites getting on the FrontPages of Digg, Reddit and Slashdot at the same time, the system will easily handle the load.

it has inbuilt SEO tools that helps you design a SEO strategy for your client and measure your success. Find the best keywords to drive traffic to your site, monitor search engine rankings and track the progress of link building campaigns. The built-in reporting system makes it easy to share the results with your client.

Featues of webpop

  1. Full HTML and CSS control
  2. Easy to use and simple Web interface for your clients
  3. Integrated SEO tools
  4. Fully hosted solution running on top of the Rackspace Cloud, so no more server are required

Homepage : http://www.webpop.com/

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