Cloud Testing – Automated Website Testing Services from the Cloud

Cloud Testing is a web based Website Testing Service that allow developers, testers and website managers to automate and speed up the testing of their websites using real browsers from the cloud.It work as a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, so there is no need to invest in any hardware, software or consultancy; and it also provide all services which are required for Website Testing.


The Cloud Testing service allows you to automate the functional testing of your websites using the industry standard Selenium framework and real browsers real operating systems. With Cloud Testing, web managers can easily schedule there website testing to drastically reduce web development lifecycles.

A key time saving feature help you to look back over time and see when a defect was introduced, meaning earlier fixes. The PaYT (Pay as You Test) model gives you the ability to cope with peak demand whilst not paying for it during quiet times. You can use Cloud testing as regression testing tool – to verify a new release against a known stable one before it is released live. Check what your website will look like in a variety of browsers by using the ‘Cross Browser’ feature.

Features of Cloud Testing:

  1. multi Browsers Supported
  2. Selenium testing frameworks are supported : Support for scripts captured using Selenium IDE, or written using standard Selenium commands.
  3. Upload/Import Script
  4. Create Script from scratch using the intuitive editor.
  5. Edit Existing scripts easily
  6. Snippets
  7. Scripts can be exported in a standard HTML table format for use in other tools such as Selenium IDE.
  8. Manual Tests
  9. Unlimited Manual Test Frequency
  10. Scheduled Tests
  11. Run on Public Agents and Private Agents
  12. RSS Feed supported
  13. Online User Maintenance
  14. Administrator Access
  15. Unlimited Users Access

Visit: Cloud testing

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