The 10 Best Code Snippets Manager for Mac

Code snippets manager is an application that stores reusable source code within a user-friendly interface. It helps developers improve coding experiences by using reusable source code easily when developing software. Here is a Top 10 Code Snippets Manager and Sharing Apps for Mac.

The 10 Best Code Snippets Manager for Mac

1 CodeBox

CodeBox - Best Code Snippets Manager for Mac

CodeBox is a Fully featured Code Snippets manager and sharing tool for Mac. It changes the way you organize your code snippets and provides seamless sync between multiple devices and platforms. The users can store these code bundles by tagging them or naming them according to the user’s snippets or assets. These code bundles can also be accessed whenever the user wants.


  1. user-friendly interface
  2. document architecture
  3. Manage snippet libraries using Tags
  4. Folders, Groups
  5. Smart Groups and Assets
  6. Sync code snippets over Cloud and reuse them on any other Mac
  7. Expand code using abbreviations
  8. Support for more than 100 syntaxes
  9. Use TextMate color themes for code highlighting
  10. Accessible to Drag and Drop Code snippets
  11. groups and folders between Finder and CodeBox
  12. Multiple Assets
  13. Multi-touch gestures


2 Snippets

Snippets Best Code Snippets Manager for Mac

Snippets is a code snippets manager for Mac that allows the developer to create, organize, and save the most reusable pieces of code into an easy to use intuitive user interface, so developers can easily reuse them into many different projects.


  1. organize code snippets into smart groups and labels
  2. easily combine with other apps to improve the speed of coding
  3. inbuilt Menubar
  4. Code in Tooltips
  5. Search Panel
  6. Global Menu
  7. Support for Drag and Drop
  8. Filter bar
  9. customizable Toolbar
  10. multiple database support
  11. Multi-Touch
  12. Team Collaboration
  13. Syntax highlights
  14. TextMate Themes
  15. Build with Cocoa framework

Snippets code snippets manager

3 jCodeCollector


jCodeCollector is a cross-platform code snippets manager that allows the developer to organize and manage reusable code snippets. In this way, it will help you to store, tag, and comment on your snippets and find the code you need fast and easily.


  1. Easy to Tag and Comment to your source code
  2. find quickly the code you need
  3. Store
  4. Must have for all developers


4 SnippShot

snippshot Top 10 Code Snippets manager for Mac

SnippShot is a minimalistic code snippets manager that saves your snippets in the Cloud and easily accesses them from any machine. You can create limitless snippets as you want, search pieces, rename them, or even delete them completely. Manage all your code snippets with multi-level folders, shortcuts, tags, and Smart Groups.


  1. Well organized code snippet manager
  2. Syntax highlighting
  3. Markdown capabilities
  4. SnippetsLab Assistant
  5. Full-text search
  6. Preview, open, copy or paste directly
  7. Create new snippets right from the menubar.
  8. Inbuilt Github Gits
  9. Narrow Your Search
  10. Sync & Backup


5 Snippely – text and code snippets manager

snippely Top 10 Code Snippets manager for Mac

Snippely is a free and easy-to-use text and code snippets manager. It allows users to manage all code snippets in one central place. Also, easy to add an immense number of notes and code snippets in many languages. It will be syntax highlighted your code according to your language when it unable to edit your code.

Snippely for Mac

6 Code Bank

Code Bank Top 10 Code Snippets manager for Mac

Code Bank is a cross-platform code snippets manager that provides support for local databases yet a shared database to store your snippets. It has syntax highlighting for many languages, including C++, ActionScript, Flex, HTML, SQL, and simple revision history with a compare viewer. Now the developer can easily view the changes side-by-side between two revisions.

Code Bank for Mac

7 CodeDogg

CodeDogg Top 10 Code Snippets manager for Mac

CodeDogg is a code snippets manager for mac that allows you to manage, reuse, and share your code snippets at any time from anywhere. It stored your snippets into the CodeDogg server and synced them with all of your devices, including your Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems.

CodeDogg for Mac

8 Snippet Monkey – code snippets manager for Mac

Snippet Monkey Top 10 Code Snippets manager for Mac

Snippet Monkey is a code snippet manager for Mac that allows you to create new code snippets or store their URLs from the clipboard or via an access to use snippet editor.


  1. Easy to store different snippets such as Text, Nested snippets, Images, Cursor location commands, etc.
  2. Typing accelerator with support for Snippets
  3. Disable and enable snippets manager on a per-application basis
  4. create a snippet from the contents of the clipboard
  5. Easily access from anywhere & anytime
  6. Guest session to view the source code.

Snippet Monkey

9 Code Collector Pro

Code Collector Pro Top 10 Code Snippets manager for Mac

Code Collector Pro is a free code snippets manager for Mac. It allows developers to easily create code snippets into Groups & Smart Groups for collecting parts.


  1. A fully customizable syntax highlighting and coloring
  2. Tag snippets for easy search
  3. easy to create new code snippets from files
  4. clipboard and even from the text you have selected
  5. Support For .snippet File format
  6. Easy to Drag and Drop parts to anywhere on your Mac
  7. insert source code into anywhere with just a few clicks
  8. Export snippets to a single
  9. easily sharable file

Code Collector Pro

10 Dash code snippets manager

Dash Best Code Snippets Manager for Mac

Dash is a code snippets manager and API documentation browser that saves your code snippets. You can quickly search for documentation sets for 200+ APIs, 100+ cheat sheets, and more without using the internet. However, You can even generate your docsets or request a new one.


  1. store reusable snippets
  2. Snippet detection
  3. Sync with Dropbox
  4. support for more than 80 syntaxes for code highlighting
  5. Fuzzy search
  6. Multi-Touch Gestures
  7. Briefs expand wherever you type them

Dash for Mac

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