CodeLite – open-source, cross platform IDE for C/C++

CodeLite is an open source, cross platform integrated development environment (IDE) for C/C++ programming languages based on wxWidgets toolkit. In order to create an easy-to-use user friendly IDE, CodeLite mainly focuses on C and C++ development as well as also allow user to easily create and build complex projects.

CodeLite IDE for C/C++

It featuring many advanced programming facilities such as project management (workspace / projects), code completion, code refactoring, source browsing, syntax highlight, Subversion integration, cscope integration, UnitTest++ integration, an interactive debugger built over gdb and a source code editor (based on Scintilla).

Features of CodeLite

  1. Generic support for compilers
  2. Plugin system for debuggers
  3. XML-based syntax highlighting, comes with the following languages : C/C++, Java, Perl, XML, Makefile, Lua, Diff files, PHP, JavaScript, Python, HTML, ASP etc..
  4. Text Folding
  5. Find In Files and Replace In Files
  6. Highly Configurable
  7. Built-in doxygen comment generator for functions/classes
  8. Built-in GDB support, with the following features included: GDB toolbar, Watches table, Quick Watch, Locals tree, Threads view, Breakpoint management, Automatic tooltip and Memory view.
  9. Subversion plugin (based on the command line tool), which mimics the TortoiseSVN (but unlike it, it runs on Linux as well)
  10. Makefile based build system
  11. Support for External Tools Plugin
  12. Gizmos plugin – for the creation of: C++ classes, wxWidgets projects, CodeLite plugins
  13. Project explorer (Workspace view)
  14. File Explorer
  15. Active-document outline
  16. Sophisticated database-based Code Completion mechanism

Download : CodeLite

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