CodeNGen – n-tier code generation tool to create scalable data driven applications

CodeNGen is an n-tier code generation tool specially designed to reduces your development time to create scalable data driven applications. it utilizes table structures and easily integrated into any existing database server such as SQL Server, SQL Server CE, MySQL, or Oracle database to generate C# business entities, data access code, and stored procedures.

CodeNGen - n-tier code generation tool

The result is a combination of base classes and object specific code that provide rich data support to your applications such as data binding, recursive data operations, transactions, concurrency, and unique constraint enforcement. it also allow you to generate all your stored procedures, and your entire data access code and business layer from your existing database in minutes. it means developer can spend more time on writing your application, not building the plumbing.

It’s an perfect code generation tool to add into your development toolbox because it virtually eliminates the time consuming task of writing stored procedures, data access, and business entity classes and allows the ability to focus on the application resulting in increased productivity and reduction in time to market.

features of CodeNGen

  1. Support for Business Layer Caching
  2. INotify Property Changed support in obfuscated code (requires .NET 3.5)
  3. Provide consistent, easily understandable code
  4. Stored Procedures or embedded SQL (parameterized queries prevent SQL injection attacks)
  5. Optimistic concurrency
  6. Collections implement IList, ICollection, IEnumerable, IBindingList, INotifyCollectionChanged, IComponent, ITypedList, and Objects implement IEditableObject, IDataErrorInfo, INotifyPropertyChanged, and IXmlSerializable etc…
  7. Transaction support between business entities
  8. Recursive data operations
  9. Automatic handling of auto increment and identity columns
  10. Data Factory Architecture allowing database provider changes to be made in as few as one configuration file change
  11. Strongly typed business entities and collections
  12. Full data binding support
  13. Collection sorting
  14. Centralized business logic
  15. Field de-normalization for easy data binding
  16. Source code for all base classes are included and is fully overridable in derived classes
  17. Compatible with Microsoft .NET 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 (some features require .NET 3.5 or later), Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010 with C# Express and Web Developer

Download : CodeNGen

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