Collaber – multi platform online project management and collaboration tool

Collaber is a multi platform online project management and collaboration tool for your teams to share files, folders, events, tasks. Connect and Communicate with your people online or offline in a safe and secure environment.

Collaber - multi platform online collaboration tool

It give you virtual Office Environment, where User and there team meet together and communicate with each other easily, share files, discuss ideas, hold meetings, plan schedules, and manage projects and get the work done as if they are all located in the same location, no matter where the members are physically located. It keeps your data safe and secure environment.

Collaber is created on the proven robust framework for Eclipse RCP. It is a hybrid P2P application with support for centralized control and monitoring for enterprise level users. All files in Collaber are encrypted with AES 192bit security key. This key will be stored in another encrypted database which can only be opened with a valid password.

Features of Collaber

  1. Access your workspace and data from any device
  2. Unified login, and account management
  3. Easy customization of GUI with movable views and editors
  4. Context sensitive menus, help
  5. Use Database to save unlimited data in the workspace.
  6. New Wizards for all the tasks involved
  7. File Sharing and Synchronization make easy
  8. See who’s working on what, when.
  9. Multilanguage supported
  10. Discuss issues with your team with discussion and Chat Tools
  11. Task Management with Time Line and Reports
  12. Calendar Tool for organizing events
  13. Easy Messaging with attachments and history

Visit: Collaber

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