Collaborative Face to Face Educational Environment – CoFFEE

CoFFEE being a suit of open-source applications can be easily installed. This application can be effortlessly installed and registered on a host of local networks. It can be installed in the computer lab of a school and can even be installed and utilized quite abundantly in a corporate boardroom. CoFFEE is a product which is not limited to the sphere of academics but can also be quite useful in the corporate world.

CoFFEE - threaded discussion forum

Main Features of CoFFEE :

The educational scenarios have complemented CoFFEE. CoFFEE has been recognized as an ideal customizable lesson plan which is written by the project researchers. It offers a good platform and helps built a proper base to the teachers who are willing to begin with CoFFEE. There are files which will enable the teachers to jump into CoFFEE and can even run the lesson plans; also there is a step-by-step written lesson plan which offers instructions to the teachers on all the relevant features of running a classroom supported by CoFFEE.

  1. It offers the scope of group digital discussions which can be conducted live inside the classrooms and the boardrooms.
  2. It also offers some of the customizable tools like graphical concept mapping, threaded discussion forum, voting and may others.
  3. It is not just open-source but free as well. And is available in a host of languages, including English, Italian, French, Dutch and Spanish.
  4. It is a useful tool for not just group tasks but also for individual activities, giving a scope to perform individually as well as in a group.
  5. CoFFEE allows sharing of files and even has chats enabled. Thus making the group discussions easily accessible.
  6. Instructions are available if one has a problem in running the application.
  7. It helps in making even the most complex and difficult theoretical models into simple and easily understandable models.
  8. It is ideal for both educational as well as corporate sector.

Pros and Cons of CoFFEE :

Pros :

  1. It presents cooperative problem-solving deliberations in the classrooms itself.
  2. It provides with a scope for group work as well as individual activities.
  3. Theoretically complex and difficult models can be explained in a simpler way.
  4. Can be used for educational as well as corporate purposes.
  5. Files can be shared through CoFFEE and even group chats and discussions are enabled.
  6. It is user-friendly and a fun medium of learning

Cons :

  1. Can only be used by those who have been able to understand the application. And so it can be difficult for those who are not very technologically advanced, for both teachers and students.
  2. For CoFFEE to work properly, computers are a must in the classrooms. Without which it will have no scope.

CoFFEE or Collaborative Face to Face Educational Environment is a very useful application. It has not just made the life of academicians and students easier and a lot simpler, but has also helped in the corporate world. With this application learning becomes so much more challenging and yet adding fun to it.

Download :

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