Collanos Workplace – free team collaboration software for small and medium sized enterprises

Collanos Workplace is cross platform, single, rich client team collaboration workspace that has been developed on the basis of Eclipse RCP Technology and is applied on Windows, Macs and also Linux.

Collanos Workplace team collaboration

Collanos Workplace is collaborative platform that mostly installed for any team project and in every team member’s computer associated with that particular project to share, interact and collaborate with your team.

It offers some really useful features like storing a wide array of data regarding a project in a distinct consolidated space and presenting it to the team member’s as the Workspace.

It basically supports a team’s project details of all kinds be it the innumerable emails, structured statistical records, text, notes and also unstructured information like documents, files etc.

Collanos Workplace give its users the scope to have a combined alliance peer that allows the members of the team to carry on with all the shared services, information and correspondences in a single space, online. For doing so no server milieu is essential.

The Collanos Workplace cooperates with current contact channels and also peripheral web information. You can use workspaces online as well as offline due to its reliance on a certain peer-to-peer network.

The team working on a project using workplace does not need a server or added IT back up facilities. Collanos Workplace makes tally with all the team members patently and mechanically.

There is a management service that detects and notifies others about the presence of any of the team members online any time and whether they are to be found in their respective workspaces.

Features of Collanos Workplace

Collanos Workplace is built up with some special features contributing immensely to make it possible for team projects to be done accurately even when the entire team is not bodily present in a single place. The features of the workplace are:

  1. Distinct unified workspace
  2. This software organizes contents regarding a particular project in a separate consolidated space for your convenience so that you don’t have to search all through your computer together all the information you need and thus saves your time.
  3. A particular project involves lots of documents, files and information of different kinds, discussions with one or more team member, instructions, and etc. Workplace enables you to share and discuss anything at all over your space using the most developed encryption technology.
  4. It gives you constant updates on anything new that comes up regarding your project.
  5. Collanos workplace allows any number of members to join for a particular project. It keeps you informed regarding availability of all the members in their individual workspace at any time. Different teams have different work approach and workplace gives you the opportunity to craft a work mode according to the team’s requirement.
  6. It provides you with the option of working online as well as offline as it is based on a P2P network..
  7. Collanos workplace is free for download and you can connect to all your team members free of cost now.

Thus, it is advisable for you to go for Collano workplace if you are part of a team project.

Download : Collanos Workplace

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