ColoRotate – 3D tool for viewing and editing colors

Colorotate gives the users to play with colors in 3D and make your desktop a brightful world. You can develop different color patterns the way you want an even share it with your friends and colleagues through computers. You can also give any color of your choice to your image to have the perfect effect of the image.


You can create any color your mind matches with and form that color palette to your computer to have you r favorite color in your computer. It is a plug in that replaces Photoshop color with that of 3D color pattern combination. You also get to learn about different color combinations and pattern coloration with the effective use of this application.

With the advancement in technology and technical aspects, the color conception and perception in digital media as well as computers have developed and taken new forms like the ColoRotate. With other color format applications, you do not get the ease of selecting the color palette of your choice. However, with the help of this application you get the perfect color you might be looking for. You can synchronize the different colors to get the detailed even color you want for yourself.

With the help of ColoRotate, you do not need any theoretical perception or detailed information about the different color combinations. You can easily have the color combinations with the help of the color sync bar where you can vary colors to get the perfect one. You can continue navigating the different color options until you get the one required one you are looking for.

The ColoRotate tool helps web designers and developers to select appropriate colors for their web designs and theme patters. Apart from that, web designers who have good color perception can make effective use of this ColoRotate to get the perfect color combination for their web designs. it is also a good study base for artists and graphic designers when it comes to study about color combinations and conception.

Features of Colorotate

  1. ColoRotate provides you with different color palettes to choose from. You get a range of color palettes and you can even synchronize those color palettes to get the perfect color for yourself.
  2. You can blend different colors and hues to get the perfect color for your application use.
  3. With its 3D screen view, you get a better perception of how your color may look in the desktop screen or in the application you use.
  4. It is a free service and users can become a member of it and use its services for free.
  5. The registration process is very simple and beneficial for use.

With its different advanced features and 3D benefits to look out for, you get a different feel to your desktop color and use.

Download : ColoRotate

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