Columba – java based email client


Columba is an Open source Email Client for Unix-like operating system and windows. it written in java and provide a user-friendly java swing build graphical user interface with wizards and internationalization support. It has powerful email management tool with features to enhance your productivity and communication.

Columba email client

Features of Columba

  1. SMTP, POP3 and IMAP access support
  2. Complete vCard contact model including new Contact Editor dialog and improved vCard import/export filter
  3. Support for SSL and TLS transmission cryptography
  4. GPG message cryptography support
  5. Scripting support for Groovy, Beanshell and Jythons
  6. Bayesian spam filter, powered by SpamAssassin
  7. Address book with automatic address collection and completion
  8. E-mail filtering
  9. Virtual Folders
  10. Improved IMAP Caching to allow Offline Mail reading of already cached messages
  11. Multiple Skins, including GTK+ integration
  12. Improved Message Viewer supports renderer plugins (JTextPane, JDIC-based Native Browser, Flying Saucer)
  13. FlexDock based docking framework allows individual customization of workspace
  14. New icon set based on Tango
  15. Calendars

Download : Columba E-mail Client

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