ConceptDraw Office – Office management and visualization software

ConceptDraw Office has a compiled set of visualization products. It also has state of the art document sharing features. Using this software you can frames diagrams related to your business, design mind maps, plan your projects, dashboards, schematics, presentations and any other visual depictions regarding your business. ConceptDraw Office has simple features that require no prior training. It makes your work faster and easier. You can manage your business documents easily and save a lot of time.


ConceptDraw Office comprises three tools- a diagramming platform, a mind mapping tool, and a project management tool. Using these tools you can generate visualization products related to your business. ConceptDraw Office allows you to create structures, manage your documents and display outcomes and achievements.

These products make your work easier and help you to reach out to your customers. There is a close integration between the applications. This helps you to create a wide range of products simultaneously instead of focusing on one product at a time. Structure consists of setting goals and objectives according to your time. Managing involves managing details related to your objectives such as the planning of your project. Display includes details about the completion or success over a span of time.

ConceptDraw Office combines these tools so that you can migrate from one to another. It also helps you transfer your data between applications. You can download the trial version or activate it if you are satisfied with its services. You need to install the ConceptDraw Solution browser and Mac OS/X Windows. This software comes free of cost.

Features of ConceptDraw Office

  1. ConceprDraw Mind Map- It generates documents and presentations directly from MindMaps. This helps you to convey your ideas to your clients or even hold discussions with your co-workers. There are multiple presentations, input/output and sharing options. This provides great flexibility the users. You can save time as well as access all required information easily.
  2. ConceptDraw Pro- This platform is used to produce diagrams for easy depiction of data. It has a wide range of features that also lets you communicate and present your data. It makes creation of presentations a much easier job. It enables you to import data from external sources. It has a huge library facility with more than 20000 objects that you can insert in your presentations. Its features include simple drawing tools, a widespread object library, ready to use templates and smart models that you can refer to.
  3. ConceptDraw Project- This is an efficient project management tool. It organizes your data on the dashboard so that you can quickly access them when required. There are performance evaluation options to help you improve on your project consistently. You can view the current status of your budget and draw analysis of the quality of work being produced.

ConceptDraw Office helps you to generate better understanding of your business by using various visualization tools. With the help of these tools you can create better understanding about your projects among your clientele.

Download : ConceptDraw Office

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