conjoon – web based personal information manager


conjoon is a open source web based personal information manager with strong webmail capabilities and completely runs in a web browser. it mainly focus on message exchanging.


The software was build with using the Zend Framework and Ext JS and mainly focuses on easy system integration and usability on the client side. Currently, it is a full-featured webmail & RSS reader client with contacts management. But the upcoming releases show that it will also have an integrated Twitter client with multiple accounts support.

Features of Conjoon:

  1. Installation Wizard makes installing and upgrading future releases of conjoon easier
  2. Menu bar for quick access of often needed functionality
  3. Status bar with status messages and request indicator (progress bar)
  4. Tabbed browsing
  5. Support for multiple Twitter accounts
  6. Bookmark menu to quickly navigate between opened tabs/modules
  7. link recognition – view YouTube videos directly in conjoon
  8. system sound to get notified by system events (such as incoming emails)
  9. configurable view: show/hide QuickPanel  |  drag & drop for panels
  10. quick edit for email and contacts
  11. view new emails
  12. view news items from the feeds module
  13. Fully functional webmail client support for POP3, SMTP, UTF-8
  14. complete folder management: move (drag & drop), rename, delete, create inbox, junk box, outbox, sent folder , draft folder and trashbin folder.
  15. outbox support
  16. create/save/edit email drafts
  17. smart Rich Text Editor to simplify the process of creating plain text emails
  18. automatic recipient lookup in personal address book when creating emails
  19. automatic querying of new emails for the configured accounts
  20. support for email signatures
  21. support for (theoretically) unlimited email accounts
  22. support for atom/rss feeds
  23. Follow/Unfollow users, Favorite/Unfavorite tweets directly from Conjoon interface.
  24. Highly customizable & configurable

Requirement :

  • Apache Web server with mod_rewrite and support for .htaccess files
  • Support for PHP 5.2.5
  • MySQL database 5

Download: Conjoon

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