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Connect Daily web_calendarA Web calendar may be defined as an online medium for keeping yourself and even others clued up of upcoming dates, events, appointments, particular occasions or deadlines. Everything time specific can be entered into this special platform of the Web calendar. Not only would it solve your personal needs but it would also be extremely helpful to the different organizations and even educational institutions.

It provides you with one of the most efficient web calendars and is also a genuine source for resource management systems. It is not a matter if you are demanding a web calendar for your educational institution or your profit organization; Connect Daily Web Calendars has all the features to suit all requirements.

If you intend to use it casually for your own personal needs, it would suit you the best. Different business organizations will discover Connect Daily’s special resource management features to be a great key for handling their different activities. Now if you are into business, Connect Daily’s efficient system has all the facilities of maintaining your complex security needs. Features of it like the Active Directory integration service will support many of your needs. So there aren’t any such concerns regarding the size, type or security concern, Connect Daily has all the features that would suit you the best.

How does Connect Daily’s Web Calendar work?

Connect Daily enables your calendar data easily obtainable. You can import data using the common iCalendar or RSS formats. You can also fetch all your event lists from the Connect Daily feed and use it in any part of your web site. All the End Users can subscribe to the web calendar through your computers or other PDA’s or cellular phones and can access it from anywhere on the globe. Connect Daily also has the capability of subscribing to included calendars and fetch its data automatically.

How to get started?

To find out how to get on track, you can observe the video posted at our home page i.e. The video clearly shows how you should sign up for the trial calendar or how to modify the calendar’s headings, colors or other graphical enhancements. It would also teach you how to integrate the web calendar on your website. You will be astounded at just how simple the entire process is.

Features of Connect Daily

  1. Easily incorporate into any website.
  2. Supports RSS, iCall and AJAX for fetching and exporting. Effective for all group sizes
  3. Administer resources and events with approvals.
  4. Authoritative permissions are demanded before execution of any programs
  5. You can easily install it on your own server or can also be hosted
  6. Proficiently Manages Resources
  7. Can be accessed from anywhere
  8. Effective for universities, schools, businesses, government, synagogues, churches, practically everyone!

MH Software Inc. provides you with all the necessary training sessions that may be required by you to effectively operate the Connect Daily Web Calendar. Apart from that it also provides an on-line manual which would also guide you through the different functionalities of the service. You can also call at the helpline desk at 1 303 438 9585 which is available from 11am – 7:30pm except the weekends and US National Holidays. So catch your copy of the Connect Daily Web Calendar to change your web calendar experience.

Download : Connect Daily Web Calendar

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