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Contact me is an online contact management software for managing your business. It has multifaceted functionalities to handle intricate details of your business. It is an efficient software trained to organize all sorts of data and provide reports on them to help your business grow. It has simple features which do not require any prior training to handle it. Contact me lower your work load and saves your time. It lets you focus on your business while it takes care of the organizing part.

contact me

Contact me lets you direct all the contacts associated with your business. It lets you keep track of all your pending tasks. With timely reminders you do not miss out on an important meeting or never fail to meet a deadline. It has facilities to make tiring procedures of working much easier and less time consuming. You can try out the software for free of cost for 14 days.

The 2 paid versions are- FormPlus for bloggers which cost $3.95 and Biz Pro for small businesses which cost $7.42 a month. There is also a free version for personal use. Contact me is a very pocket friendly software. Freelancers and small businesses can easily afford it. You can also use Contact me to organize your personal work. This software has an active support base which readily provides assistance to its users. Contact me actually contacts you through text messages so that you never forget an important tasks.

Features of Contact me

  1. It is web-based easy to use contact management software. You can access it through a browser on your computer or your smartphone device. It is far more cheaper than any other task management software.
  2. It is simple to learn to us. It has an attractive and intuitive user interface that almost guides you to the next step.
  3. There are several smart tools that make your work simpler. It lets you stay in control of your work.
  4. Contact me allows easy contact management. You can import your existing Gmail contact list into Contact Me contact list. You can sort your contact under several categories.
  5. Contact me manages all sorts of details about your contacts and helps you maintain communication through email with your customers. You can insert notes about meetings, calls and due payments. It helps you maintain cordial relationship with your clients. Your email conversations are stored page wise under the details of each client.
  6. Using Contact me you can create a to-do list. This helps you to keep track of every little job that you need to finish. Contact me integrates a calendar which records of all the important events.
  7. Contact me helps you attract new leads and convert them to loyal customers.
  8. Contact me provides reports based on your sales and contacts.
  9. Contact me API has integrated applications such as WordPress, Wibiya, Constant contact, mail chimp, Facebook and webs.

Contact me is an efficient software for effective handling of your business. It ensures complete customer satisfaction as it delivers best results.

Download : ContactMe online contact management

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