Content Point – world’s first remote authoring system for rapid e-Learning

Content Point is the world’s first remote authoring system for rapid online e-learning. It combines client of ‘smart’ Windows with a server dependent architecture and allows true co-operative development from anywhere across the world. Blended with entire workflow potentialities, it helps in cost, time and effort savings when equated with old desktop (PC) authoring tools.

Content Point

Content Point is a powerful windows application that combines with server based architecture to provide ease of remote authoring for easy online learning. ‘What You See Is What You Get’ design makes this application more intuitive, while the click, drag & drop applications help in gaining complete control over the application.

The application is not browser based, so the users can access it anytime they want without the need of any browser. So, for a user, it is very easy to prepare an e-learning curriculum like a PowerPoint presentation in no time. If the user knows programming, he or she can easily develop media-rich interactive course materials to teach his or her students.

The courses are automatically delivered into flash player without the need of any prior knowledge of flash. The application works well in windows platform, and needs no add-on to run. The quick start wizard automatically starts operation as soon as windows are started.

Features of Content Point

  1. Not a browser based application, but server-based- Unlike other browser based applications, Content Point collaborates windows with server based architecture. As a result, users need not to use FTP or browser based uploading.
  2. Automatic course locking- Content Point ensures the security of the course materials. For that, it has an in-built automatic course locking of data so that it can remain protected.
  3. Pre defined catalogues- The application has an inbuilt set of pre-defined catalogues that helps in developing e-learning course materials easy.
  4. Workflow engine to rectify, assign and review tasks- The application’s workflow engine creates rectifying tasks and assign authoring tasks to the application users. It allows SME’s to review course materials and develop mark up slides, issues, etc. for modifications.
  5. PowerPoint and Capture Point import- The application automatically creates enhanced e-learning course material from the users already existing PowerPoint presentations. While delivering, the application automatically compresses large files and sends through web application. Capture point is a fast and efficient tool to create systems training from any and every IT application.
  6. Automatic access- the application enables the user to create courses automatically to meet the basic requirements of section 508’s disabilities discrimination act.
  7. Interactive learning management support-The application helps in providing interactive learning management support by automatically tracking courses, users, quiz scores, etc. and much more. These jobs are done by the application without any necessity to invest in third party LMS.

The application, Content Point, powers the small educational institutions with effective e-learning tools that not only cost-effective but also multi-functional. From developing multilingual e-learning courses to assign tasks online, the application has revolutionized education in such a way that the way of online teaching & learning is spread even in the grassroots level of education system.

Download : Content Point

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