Convore – instant messaging with groups of friends in real-time

Convore is a easy and fast way to have an instant messaging session with your friends or family members via the internet in real time. You can have a conversation session of your own topic or you may join other topics that interest you. You will have the freedom of joining sessions any time you will like.


The most important thing of Convore is that it even keeps a track of what is happening when you are not present. When you return or when you come back online, it informs you all what had happened during your absence so that you don’t even loose a bit of any conversation. But it is better seeing first then believing, so it is advisable that you should try this application first and thereafter conclude with the effective features that you receive.

Like other chat applications Convore too has some of the similar features. You will have a number of pre installed free chat rooms and of course you will also have the pre-installed IM or Instant Messaging service too. What makes Convore special is the perfect amalgamation of the required elements with the substantial features to make Group chats more effective and interesting.

You can say that Convore is one of the best applications for the initiation of effective group chats. The application also provides user with private and public settings. Users also have the complete liberty to join other rooms of their interest or invite a third person who is known to him or her.

The application has a very tempting color scheme of grey and cool blue. Although it has a low key but it has its own charm by which many users get tempted and uses it. Apart from the color scheme the logo design of the application is also very enticing. The special logo displays the wide open jaws of a dinosaur by the side of the shiny white website name of Convore.

The chat areas are very stylish too. It is not over messed with features, has the cool color scheme and has well organized functional buttons or options with which you can get easily accustomed when you start using Convore leaving your old chat applications. It is provided with the drop down menu options which enables the users to navigate easily between different groups, requests or search for new groups.

Features of Convore

  1. Login and put in contacts through FaceBook and Twitter – You don’t have to manually type in all the contact info’s of your friends. You can just automatically synchronies them by just providing your Facebook and Twitter Login details and the application would automatically fetch all the contacts and add up.
  2. You will have the complete liberty of joining any of the public or private chat rooms.
  3. If you are not interested by the existing chat rooms, you can have your own public or private chat room.
  4. You will also have the facility to create your own profile in Convore.
  5. Convore has a notification or a reminder option to notify you all what is happening against your Profile name.

Thus if you wish to have a modern, effective chat room application, go for the Convore as it is worth it.

Download : Convore

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