coolendar – Simple Web based Calendar Application

Most of today’s web applications are over complicated making it difficult for the users to work with ease. Thus, the basic style of a good and useful web application is making it as simple as possible and also serving the required purposes.

An application should let the users work with ease and not providing features which one generally might never use. One such web application available on web is the new Coolendar- the cool calendar.

coolendar simple calendar app

This application lets you plan out your tasks of the day without any complications. A calendar made all by yourself.

Coolendar is new and simple calendar application that manages your life or rather your day to day tasks. It makes your own calendar and then fill it up just by using simple commands.

The syntax is easy and adding multiple tasks to the calendar takes very short time. The second best thing other than the simplicity is its interface.

Going with its name, it’s pretty cool! This unmatchable interface and the super simplicity make it a website that every user would want.

The interface is divided into different columns for different purposes. For example, there is a column for all the plans, column for the upcoming dates and also a “Done” column which keeps the entries that are marked as completed tasks.

Another good thing about Coolendar is that it doesn’t follow the standard registration method. Instead it just requires you to log in through your Google accounts.

Once you log in, all you need to do is just connect it with the links provided on the main page. The application then need to be authorized through your email and once you are done with that, your calendar automatically appears and you start working the cool but simple way.

Features of Coolendar

  1. Custom tagging – The custom tags can be used to get organized by creating group plans socially, together with your e-buddies.
  2. The over head matrix like calendar views is replaced by a simple list of the planning entries. That is all one needs. Why? You will know for yourself.
  3. Smoothness – interact with your Coolendar stating the time and date and what the task in normal human language.
  4. Recurrences avoiding – No more of recurrence in life: whenever you will get a notification about an already planned event, just decide if it’s needed to be rescheduled or not.
  5. Forget durations – it is more like a vicious concept stopping you from being concise and consistent. You might just not need it.
  6. Alerts – It gives you error-proof , efficient & multiple alerts, finding you on whichever device you are (desktop, mobile or other web apps like twitter, your email, messenger, etc.)

Coolendar looks fantastic and feels really comfortable to use. The updating of your tasks are quite simple and being a web app, it is easily accessible, wherever you go.

It is just the app one should stay connected to have an easy and simple life yet manage to do the right task at the right time.

Download : coolendar

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