Corona – Mobile Apps development platform for iOS and Android


Corona is one of the most advanced mobile app development platform that have been providing outstanding applications till date. It provide applications to the android and iOS platform and the Symbian platform too.

Corona Mobile Apps development platform

Ansca has provided a great assurance regarding the quality of Corona SDK, So developer can easily develop mobile apps for multiple platform, OS versions, and screen sizes.

You can write application code once and build to iOS or Android at the touch of a button, Corona will automatically scale your content across devices from phones to tablets.

Corona may be defined as a tool that enables you to administer all your ideas to incorporate it into an app for your hand held cellular devices. Corona allows you to easily and swiftly build all the applications such that you can enjoy smooth workflow.

The main intention behind the development of Corona was to find the solution to a problem, though there were many who wanted to develop a Flash and write certain apps for the iPhone.

Corona is written in the C language which makes it implementable in all forms of cellular platform. Several functionalities has been changed and updated by them but the users appreciate this app as it has a tremendous fast speed and high accession.

Features of Corona

  1. The apps are developed at a high speed – The productivity has increased to a very degree through the framework of the Corona. Just a single line of code is required for performing tasks like object animation in OpenGL and the creation of the widgets of user-interface and all the changes that are made are viewed instantly in the Simulator of the Corona. Testing is also done with an incredible speed and it is not dependent on the length of the build times.
  2. Multiple stores, same code – Corona is unique in providing complete solutions that is developed for OS versions, across platforms and display sizes as well. You are required to write only for a single time and fabricate to Android or iOS by merely touching a button – where automatically all the contents are scaled by Corona that may range from tablets to phones.
  3. Powerful yet simple API’s – All the advanced features are used here through the use of the codes that are really very user friendly code. For example, just by merely writing a code of five lines realistic physics can be implemented in all your games! A great effortlessness of use is provided by Corona and it also enables the developers to create games, No. 1 chart buster applications, and eBooks.
  4. Cut costs or save faster – Corona allows you to provide the catchiest titles that allow your projects to secure high attention. Corona also incorporates few of the most beneficial tools like the app purchaser, currency calculator. The currency calculator allows you to calculate all your foreign transactions accurately and swiftly.
  5. Create attractive experiences – You will have all the basic tools to generate the most exciting apps in the market.

With such an effective array of features, Corona is sure to provide beneficial services to its users. It is a must try app.

Download : Corona

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