CoWord – real-time collaborative word processor

CoWord is a software add-on for MS word that converts MS Word into a multi-user real-time collaborative word processor without making any change to the source code of Word.

CoWord - real-time collaborative word processor

it allows multiple user to collaboratively edit the same Word document at the same time over the internet with MS Word. so no more compromises in using less powerful or unfamiliar tools for real-time collaborative work. no need to change tools in performing individual or group work; no worry about document inconsistency or incompatibility.

it also has flexible document sharing and collaboration via private, corporate, or cloud-hosted repositories, and spontaneous peer-to-peer invitation at anytime from anywhere.

Features of CoWord

  1. Provide Fully-featured word processing power in real-time collaboration
  2. Truly real-time, responsive, and non-blocking collaborative editing experience
  3. Fine-grained and lock-free concurrency control and consistency maintenance
  4. Collaborative undo for error recovery, backtracking, and free exploration
  5. Real-time and detailed workspace awareness
  6. Real-time collaborative change-tracking and automatic merging of tracked changes
  7. Customizable conflict resolution policies and strategies
  8. Flexible collaborative editing session setup and management
  9. Customizable interaction and collaboration modes
  10. Advanced collaboration – Visualize locations, intentions, and actions of distant collaborators in real-time and in detail.

Download : CoWord

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