Cozimo – Online real-time image and video collaboration tool

Visual media professionals often need to check & re-access difference document formats, marking up images etc. Cozimo is one such collaborated application service which helps them a lot in their work.

Cozimo collaboration tool

A client of Cozimo is provided with an account with they can access from anywhere over the internet. A Cozimo user can organize live online meetings with the help of online streaming via Cozimo which saves a lot of time and money.

A major advantage of Cozimo is it keeps track & records of all communications made in a project, thus it enables the user to find or mark up any important information or making notes without asking from the concerned person again for information.

Cozimo allows an user not only to view images, but also enables them to insert notes, guidelines and marking them up in different colors, lines of different sizes and levels of clarity. Cozimo was established in place named Berkeley, in California in the year 2006.

The team is currently headed by Josh Rosen who is the CEO of the company. Cozimo also has an office in Montreal, Canada. The application was intended to fulfill the requirement for a more advanced collaboration options for visual designers and professionals who work day in day out with visual media.

Today, Cozimo provides users with many useful features and services which supports convenient means for communication and saves a lot of time which is required if one has to meet clients & colleagues in person.

Even though there are a lot of collaboration applications are available in market, most of them made for general professionals. This is where Cozimo is unique as it is custom made for people who has their occupation linked with visual media.

Cozimo allows services like asking for feedback, editing and inserting notes on images. The website of Cozimo has very soothing color scheme and stylish logo.

There are seven navigational buttons situated on top of the homepage which helps a user to learn about Cozimo and its usefulness in their business. The tools incorporated in Cozimo are very user friendly.

Anyone interested can become a client of Cozimo by clicking the sign up button in top left corner. There six types membership. In order to have a cost free account, a user has to scroll down and click free personal account link.

The registration form needs name, site username, email-id and a password. The client has to enter a verification code to prove that it is human who is using & not any automated program and tick on the terms and agreement check box in order to complete registration process.

Features of Cozimo

  1. Inserting notes and descriptions directly into images
  2. Organize live meetings via Cozimo
  3. Reassess session history
  4. Exploring all communications related to projects
  5. A unique Collaborate Now feature to get instant feedback.

Cozimo has been created especially for professionals involved in visual media. The application serves users with many useful features which makes collaborating with clients much easier.

Download : Cozimo

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