Create paid or free video chat or webinars in Minutes with Buzzumi

Buzzumi is an online video chat and webinars which enables you to generate and commercialize video chats and web based communication for your personal earnings and other social networking and dealing purposes.

Create free video chat or webinars with Buzzumi

It is a very simple and user friendly service that you can use to create and put up chat sessions, web conferences and other communicative requirements without downloading any software or search account names for everyone or friend them.

User can easily create simple, user friendly video chat or webinars in minutes where your guest can participate in your video chat without sign up, it only required Guest name and pay the ticket price set by you and they’re done.

Buzzumi can also be effectively used to earn money by online teaching of any specific skill or as a means to discuss your post, twitter interactions and arguments.

Buzzumi helps you set up connectivity with worldwide bloggers and all the new blogs and topics that are emerging from time to time.

It’s an simple online video chat service that will simplify your dealings with your clients and it will take up your payment responsibility as well.

You can get paid via your Buzzumi account. This makes the entire process quite transparent. Buzzumi has been built up with very light configurations and hence its usability is so simple.

It does not involve any heavy expenses that are common with the other existing webinar devices. You do not have to pay any fee apparently unless you chose to go in for the paid services.

Buzzumi helps you transform and utilize your skills and knowledge to earn money.

Features of Buzzumi

  1. Buzzumi is simple to use for even the amateurs. It does not require any download or sign up processes for the guests you invite. Its live chat sessions and video webinar which very simple to follow and fun to deal with.
  2. The people you invite to join Buzzumi don’t have to go through any sign up procedure. All they have to do is type their names in and pay the required ticket fee that you have set.
  3. With Buzzumi you can create your unique account. You are allowed to customize your personal settings according to your preferences. Buzzumi offers simple creation methods and settings using which you can create a completely different and unique chat space and webinars working as a personal identification of yours. You are also allowed to adorn your profile and your chat space by using any of the in built stunning wallpapers. You can also put up your own choice and present it as your brand match or exhibit any of your preferred snaps.
  4. Buzzumi helps you earn money very fast as people pay to use the web chats and seminars that have been created by you. The process of fee payment is quite simple. All the people willing to take up your webinars and chat sessions will be guided through a payment process through PayPal and after this will be directly taken to their chat spaces.

Download : buzzumi

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