Listoid- Create Wiki-like Lists for best stuff on the web

Listoid is a site to create useful lists combining the best of Wikipedia, social book marking and top-ten lists. The user can simply add lists, find lists and can vote on them. The users can also modify their lists according to their preference. As the voting takes place on a particular opinion, one can see the top-rated elements on the top of the site and the site tracks the opinion of the users.


The site application is designed with a simple interface to provide the user a simple application-based site. Using the site application, the users can create lists online on their favorite topics and the best voted ones are shown on the top of the site. The user can create list on anything and everything, from sports to entertainment, from society to science & technology, and so on.

The lists are built like ‘wikis’ that can be edited by anyone of the community. The main idea behind creating a site application like Listoid was to give concise information on any topic by not loosing interest. The layout is simple with deep blue and grey color scheme. The home page illustrates a graphic representation of how to create a list.

Features of Listoid

  1. Easy to use – With featured illustrations, you can easily create a list using the tools available in the application.
  2. Browse easily – The user can easily navigate through the site and use the tools conveniently to create or modify a list.
  3. Developed by community – The USP of this site lies in its community-developed feature. The users or community members solely contribute the site and its information.
  4. Combines features of Wikipedia, book marking and top-ten lists – The site’s application combines the features of Wikipedia, book marking and top-ten lists and provides an easy to use interface with interesting features.
  5. Create, edit and vote – You can easily create a poll on any topic, can modify your list and can vote among the several lists available on the site. The most-voted list will be displayed on the top of the site and the site will track the top-voted list’s community. The wiki like feature helps the user community to edit the available list.
  6. Mark a list – Using this site application, the user can mark a list as his/her favorite.
  7. Social network embedding – The user can embed their favorite list in their social networking site’s account like in their Facebook’s wall.
  8. Funny and interesting way of learning – While you create or browse through the lists, you will not loose interest for a single second. Added to that, you are getting an interesting tool which makes learning a fun.
  9. Get a genuine opinion – This is a best tool where you can get a genuine mass opinion of the common people weather they appreciate or criticize a particular issue/person.

Combining the best features of Wikipedia, social bookmarking and top-ten lists, this site is an interesting tool to create lists and vote on other lists. This unique and interactive site helps the user to gather information in various topics without loosing interest for the site.

Download : Listoid

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