CreationFlow – The Best Online Collaboration Tool for Advertising Projects

The basic design of CreationFlow is meant for project management and is itself collaborative software that provides an online application. It mainly designed for advertising, visual designs and graphic projects.


Through the explicit use of this system it becomes much easy to work across the international boundaries. Spanish as well as English is the language that supports Creation Flow.

The features that are most important include an effective project management, which gives the permission to the people for uploading images. You can also discussion in detail regarding them in the real time environment that ensures the quick completion of work and it is done as early as possible.

Demonstration about certain various things is provided to Clients and fellow employees. November 2010 was the year in which Creation flow was founded and it was found in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The other sites that provide good completion includes ozimo and Concept share. A wide range of sophisticated as well as advanced features are provided by Creation Flow, that enables the creation as well as sharing of task list with several other people.

Many collaboration features are also available that enables the presence of everyone on the very same page. Several other applications related to the project management are also available while some of the applications are much more superior to Creation Flow.

Creation Flow provides great ease of use, very soon after logging in just after the creation of your very first project. It is indeed very easy to use as guidance is provided to you in each and every step.

The creation and set up of your very first project is very easy. Through the provision of a wide range of video tutorials you get to know the type the system should be used.

All the tasks are done following a specific order and so it is of great use and this prevents you from forgetting anything. The site’s design is pretty outdated and minimalistic.

The process of signing up for creating an account is extremely easy, just you are required to fill in the following details like your username, account name, email and password.

For accepting the various terms and conditions you are required to tick into the box. Then the successful activation of your account can be done through the provision of a link that you get as an email.

The only annoying thing is that your password in the form of plain text.

Features of CreationFlow

  1. Upload videos and images for client and client review.
  2. Visual review over videos, images and also PDF files.
  3. Save your and your client’s time, Avoid interpretation mistakes, unnecessary rework, arguments and information loss.
  4. It’s an Online Proofing tool that allow you to manage workflow review between artists, managers and clients.
  5. Support for Version Control that allow you to track everything which is possible.
  6. Reference attachments
  7. It provides an online tool that only requires a bandwidth connection and a web browser (that does not even require any installation).

CreationFlow is of great use to all and provides a collaborative tool for anyone like graphic designers, visual things, designers and even advertisers that allows them to create the things the clients has been looking for.

Download : CreationFlow

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