CRMTrak – Contact Management and Sales Leads Tracking software

CRMTrak is easy to use and easy to implement online CRM applications that don’t require any special software to maintain or install.

With CRMTrak, Users can easily track leads, activities, sales opportunities, and many more.


Simple CRM is the Marketing Tracker for you. This certainly provides a flow system of Business operations.

This certainly makes you active so that you can participate in your business activities and share them freely with your clients.

This helps you in managing both your internal as well as external activities of your business with the aid of this system that simply enrolls your tasks, appointments, and activities.

The main functions of CRMTrak are as follows:

  1. Easy management of all the Enquiries of yours from the processes.
  2. New clients as well as the clients that already exist, free to fix a date of appointment with any professional whom you know well.
  3. You can plan as well as record all your activities, appointments, and tasks.
  4. The dashboard enables you to have a quick look at the state of the business as well as the management of the functions that are performed on a day to day basis.

Features of Crmtrak

Contact Management

  1. Unlimited Custom Fields
  2. Track Activities, sales opportunities, quote, etc. by contacting
  3. Your accounts can be inserted into your group contacts with the aid of a single view that provides related information
  4. With the aid of email alerts, it is possible for you to provide assistance to your team members
  5. To the history of your contacts, emails can be easily added with the aid of CRMTrak
  6. You can easily attach as well as upload documents to any of your contacts

Sales Lead Management

  1. Stages of custom sales, as well as sales information, can be easily set up.
  2. Easy to track Goals versus Attainment
  3. Support for Multiple Sales Report (closes, pipeline, leads, etc.)

Sales Quotation

  1. Easy to Save, Edit and create Sales Quotation
  2. Create Quotation in the form of PDF format for customer with Your personalized logo
  3. Easy to track quotation by Contacts
  4. Integrated Product Catalogues
  5. Easy to Quote email as a PDF directly from CRMTrack
  6. Easy to Revise and republish quotes at any time
  7. Simple to Calculate Totals and Sales Tax.


  1. Easy to track complete activity by using Contacts
  2. Schedule your future activities
  3. Dashboard Reminders for upcoming activities
  4. Simple To-do List
  5. Calendar and Day Planner
  6. integrated Google calendar and Outlook


  1. Broadcast your Email through vertical response
  2. Mail Merge


  1. Easy to attach your documents to Contact
  2. Classify documents as public or private
  3. Share Excel, Word, PDF and any other documents that are important

Customer Service

  1. Inbuilt Support ticketing system
  2. Branded online customer support portal
  3. Personal Custom URL
  4. Provide Email Notification


  1. Customized internal and External email Alerts and auto Replies
  2. Customizable Sales information

This Crmtrak is a very useful application that is of great use. This application also contains a rich set of features that is of great use and you will enjoy an upper hand in your business after using this.

Download: CRMTrak

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