Crocodoc – Collaboratively Markup office Documents Online

Founded and developed by a group of MIT entrepreneurs, Crocodoc has emerged as a famous research management tool which is used by a number of academicians and professionals for collecting, organizing as well as sharing their knowledge and information online.

Crocodoc is a revolutionary service which enables you to share and review your documents and presentations without any hassle. Crocodoc seeks to reduce the stress involved in e-mailing attachments and forwarding them, printing and passing around of the hard copies or even for installing some of the expensive collaboration software.


Crocodoc enables you to share and view your PDF files, Word documents and even your PowerPoint presentations online and also facilitate you to mark them up. Such shared documents and projects and presentations can be worked out on as a group. They can be collaboratively highlighted or even pointed out, the grammar and text style could be improved, notes can be added and unnecessary details can be sorted out with. This also gives scope for comments and provides you with an opportunity for revisions. All of such files are securely stored on the servers and can also be password protected or even encrypted for your maximum security.

Features of Crocodoc

  1. It supports the facility of e-mail, online chatting and even forums.
  2. Crocodoc comes with efficient tools such as the highlighter, red text, sticky notes and strikeout which make online copy editing a much easier process then what we generally think of it to be.
  3. There are no requirements of first logging in and registering yourself in the site. You can simply upload your file on the site.
  4. If you want you can protect your files and projects with a password enabled protection application.
  5. It supports a number of file formats like the PDF, PowerPoint presentations or Word documents.

Pros and Cons of CrocoDoc

Pros :

  1. Is very user friendly and involves no hassle of logging in and registering online.
  2. Is a simpler version of copy editing online.
  3. You can share your files online without any terms and conditions.
  4. Password enables protection application allows you to keep your project secure.
  5. There is online chatting service available which is also useful as a helpline.
  6. There are no costs involved for the basic service.

Cons :

  1. There is very little scope of feedback from the web developers and managers.
  2. Often the discussion forum is filled with spam messages and posts instead of any proper information or answers to the questions.

Crocodoc is an incredible application which allows you to share your files and documents, projects and presentations with your peers and friends without any qualms and unnecessary harassment. And all this can be done even without registering or login on to the website.

Download :

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