Croogo – CakePHP powered CMS

Croogo is a free/open source, multilingual content management system powered by CakePHP framework, and released under the MIT License. With Croogo, User can create there own content type- Blog, Node, Page, Taxonomy for Categorization of your content.

Croogo - a CakePHP powered CMS

Features of Croogo

  1. WYSIWYG Editor
  2. Attachments (for image and file uploads)
  3. Support for Threaded comments , Email notification
  4. Easy to Moderate Comments
  5. Spam protection (requires Akismet API key) and Captcha (requires Recaptcha API key)
  6. Support for RSS feed Syndication for Individual content types, All promoted items and for Comments.
  7. Search engine friendly URLs and provide Full control over meta tags.
  8. Custom fields
  9. Menu and file Manager
  10. Themeable User Interface
  11. Web based administration

Website : Croogo – CakePHP powered CMS
Download: Croogo – CakePHP powered CMS
Demo : Croogo Demo

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