open source custom e-commerce platform with MongoDB – Forward E-commerce

Forward is a new fully featured, developer centric e-commerce platform built with PHP and use MongoDB as a database backend to store your data. It’s an free and open source custom e-commerce platform that makes custom code easy, with powerful templates & expressive syntax.

Forward custom e-commerce platform

It is purely based on a new micro MVC framework with a REST-like model layer for interacting with each and every feature from orders to customers or products that simplifying the interaction between web server and client.

Features of Forward E-commerce platform

  1. Free and open source E-commerce platform release licensed under Apache 2.0.
  2. Free style Template make it easy to build, read and maintain
  3. All templates use practical standards that all web developers are familiar with, like HTML, CSS, and path-based routing.
  4. open source software is a service
  5. E-commerce with Mongo Database – make your data fast, easy to read and edit.
  6. Custom  Admin – Create custom Admin Template, built with Twitter Bootstrap for easy hacking. Add product fields by simply editing HTML.
  7. Fully Featured
  8. ideal for multi-channel and multi-device e-commerce apps.

Download – Forward

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