Cuyahoga – ASP.NET framework based flexible CMS / Portal solution

Cuyahoga is a flexible CMS and Portal solution based on ASP.NET site framework and support for multiple databases backend such as Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL or MySQL. The system is also support for Mono  – .net development framework, it means .net developer can use both Microsoft .NET and Mono development framework to build custom web application and CMS solutions for your customer or yourself.

Cuyahoga CMS - ASP.NET site framework

Features of Cuyahoga CMS

  1. Node-based site structure with unlimited depth.
  2. Host Multiple sites with one installation.
  3. Connectable sections: content modules can communicate with each other across pages.
  4. Site aliases: make your site or a specific part of your site accessible from an alternative URL.
  5. Templates with user-defined content regions.
  6. Content localization.
  7. Search engine friendly URL
  8. Search Engine
  9. Authorization on multiple levels (view and edit).
  10. Web based installer
  11. Highly configurable caching for better performance (object caching for the core objects and output caching for modules).
  12. Support for Content syndication (RSS).
  13. WYSIWYG content editor.
  14. Database independency due to NHibernate (scripts for MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL included).
  15. Support for ASP.NET 2.0
  16. Also Support for Mono – .NET development framework
  17. Free and open source CMS released under BSD license.

Download :

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