Cyberduck – free Macintosh FTP Client

Cyberduck is an free/open source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files, Google Docs & Amazon S3 Browser for Mac OS X. it has easy to use user interface where user can quickly access their bookmarks and the outline view of the browser allows you to browse large folder structures efficiently and you can quickly preview files with Quick Look.

Cyberduck - free Macintosh FTP Client

Even you can also directly edit files from FTP with any external editors which makes it easy to change content quickly. Both Amazon Cloud Front and Cloud Files from Rackspace can be easily configured to distribute your content in the cloud. Many OS X core system technologies such as Spotlight, Bonjour and the Keychain are supported and 30 translations make you feel at home.

Features of Cyberduck

  1. Support various protocols such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol), FTP/TLS (FTP secured over SSL/TLS), SFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer), WebDAV (Web based distributed Authoring and versioning) and Amazon S3, Google Docs and Rackspace Cloud Files.
  2. Document based browser, list and outline view, caching, cut & paste, drag & drop and arbitrary character encodings.
  3. Preview files like in
  4. Quickly open the Web URL of a selected file in your web browser.
  5. Seamless integration with various external editors. Edit any file on the server in your preferred application.
  6. Multilanguage supported
  7. All passwords are secularly stored in the system Keychain as Internet passwords available also to third party applications.
  8. Powerful bookmarking. Drag and drop bookmarks to the and drop files onto bookmarks to upload.
  9. Support various Mac OS X core system technology such as Bonjour for Auto discovery of services on the local network
  10. Use Cyberduck as default system wide protocol handler for FTP and SFTP. Open .inetloc files and .duck bookmark files from the Finder.
  11. Easy to synchronize local with remote directories (and vice versa) and get a preview of affected files before any action is taken.
  12. Support for Growl, the global notification system.
  13. Supports Public key authentication, Keyboard Interactive (PAM) Authentication, Support for various encryption ciphers (3DES, Blowfish, Twofish, AES, CAST) and Authentication algorithms (MD5, SHA1).
  14. Easy to transfer files using Secure Copy
  15. Easy to browse Amazon Simple storage service
  16. Manage basic and streaming CloudFront distributions.
  17. With WebDAV you can access your iDisk, GMX Mediacenter, Microsoft SharePoint or any other WebDAV compliant server. Supports Basic, Digest and NTLM Authentication.
  18. Easy to Manage your Rackspace Cloud Files storage including the configuration of your Limelight Content Distribution.
  19. Convert uploads to Google Docs format and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for image uploads.
  20. Modify permissions on multiple files
  21. Archive and expand TAR and ZIP files remotely over SSH.
  22. open source project released under the GPL License.

Download : Cyberduck

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