DBDesigner – Open source visual database design Tool

DBDesigner is an Open source Visual database design tool for constructing complex databases in an intuitive and easy-to-use environment, where user have a visual representation of the tables and relations contained in your project.

DBDesigner - Open source visual database design Tool

it’s specially developed and optimized for MySQL databases to support MySQL users with a powerful and free available design tool. All MySQL specific features have been built into DBDesigner to offer the most convenient way to design and keep control of your MySQL-Databases, but it can also be used with MSSQL, ODBC, Oracle and SQLite.

User can easily manage the database, design tables and more directly from a visual design interface, as well as manual SQL queries. DBDesigner is a specially written for Microsoft© Windows 2k/XP© and Linux KDE/Gnome to support both, the Windows and the Linux platform.

Features of DBDesigner

  1. Allow you to create a visual model of any database.
  2. Design Mode vs. Query Mode – It supports two switchable user interfaces. The Design Mode is used to create and maintain the visual databases model. The Query Mode is used to work with table data and build complex SQL query statements for the use in PHP, Kylix or another programming language.
  3. Support for Plugins – The models created in DBDesigner are stored in native format (XML). They can be modified by third party plugins which are directly launched from within DBDesigner and other third party products.
  4. DBDesigner is a User Interfaced based on industry standard layouting software
  5. Reverse engineering MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL and any ODBC databases
  6. drag and drop of objects
  7. User defined schema-generation
  8. Model-To-Database synchronization
  9. Automatic foreign key placement
  10. Database storage, ability to save model within database
  11. Support for Multiuser access through database storage
  12. SQL Query Builder and Command History
  13. SQL Command storage within model

Download : http://www.fabforce.net/dbdesigner4/downloads.php

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