Deadline – simple web based reminder

Deadline is another web based calendar application but unlike most others it is highly efficient. Like the other calendar apps, it also effectively takes care of all your appointments and the to-dos.

All the data entry done in simple English and Deadline would be automatically converting the entire thing into simple calendar entries. There after a list is made for the users so that they can easily keep a track of it.

Deadline web based reminder

The most unique feature of Deadline is that, you casually input your data in simple English language like “have to pick up sally at 10 am on 14th Oct”, Deadline would be automatically converting your provided phrase into an entry like – 14th Oct – Pick up Sally.

You will be having three options by the side of each calendar entry, which is – delay, done and delete. The options are self explanatory – delay option would be delaying your entry, done means the work is completed and delete means to remove the entry.

Deadline also has the feature of notifying the users via email. The app will be taking your email id right at the beginning i.e. when you sign up with this app. You will be finding close competitors of deadline from the giants like Yahoo, Google and Microsoft.

You might be disappointed with the list of feature that Deadline offers compared to the other calendar apps but Deadline is extremely simple to use and does not offer any complexities.

Deadline is still in the process of development and is including many new features to make it more attractive for its users. Looks wise, Deadline is very minimalistic and the feel is also quite normal.

No separate advertising panel is there in the portal. The main page that you would be getting on the portal will give you a text area where you will have to provide the data for your calendar entry.

By the side of that entry panel you have the search bar for quick search. Below these two, you’ll be getting the original calendar list. You can customize the look of the page with the handy settings option.

Small links are also provided to help out the customers. Deadline is an extremely quick responsive app, and you can edit or add the entries at a very fast rate.

Features of Deadline

  1. You will only have to use simple English phrases to add events
  2. Appointment or the to dos are listed in a convenient form
  3. Send and receive notifications through Emails
  4. Send and receive notifications via Jabber, Gtalk and also via SMS
  5. Easily customizable web page with the settings button

With all such effective features, Deadline although it lacks the features what Yahoo or Google calendar offers but it is extremely easy to use and is definitely a must try app.

Download : Deadline

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