Debategraph – Web based collaborative idea visualization and deliberation

Debategraph acts as public debate map or collaborative idea visualization tool which helps people over the world to participate, learn, think and come to a conclusion regarding complex matters.


The main aim behind the development of the Debategraph is to provide general people to come forward in an integrated matter to give their opinions and discuss regarding some complex issue and hence create a debate that is supported from all sides in an unbiased manner.

It should represent a neutral point of view on the matter and all this would be done without much noise and chaos.

The maps that are involved and every aspect of those maps are subjected to any change, enhancement or even criticism by any individual who wants to join the debate groups.

Features of Debategraph

The new public debate map known as the Debategraph offers some very interesting and appealing features. Take a look through the characteristics that the Debategraph portrays:

  1. Debategraphs can be used as an effective way of putting forward your opinion regarding some serious issue and getting to learn about so many other people’s ideas too. Any community whatever its size is, can ask questions, envisage and also weigh up the different considerations emerging in a participant’s mind.
  2. It gives you that satisfaction that your views and opinions have been given that importance of being heard by all the communities and might have helped those grow and improve in some way or the other. People should put in more of their personal insight to this graph so that the network advantages keep increasing for every community.
  3. The debate maps are not single dimensional and gives a real touch to the debates than just sticking to the basic yes or no pattern. So, these can turn out to be overlapping ones.
  4. Community members are allowed to go through the higher level debate formats and inquire into some specific part of those debates without affecting the original extract.
  5. Refinement of debate maps are done with updates provided by many websites as well as blogs. As you change or add any detail on the maps an automatic update will spread across all the sites showing it.
  6. You are entitled to print debates for future references that you might need while your offline or if you need to create some report on your debate topic.
  7. The points that are put up on the maps are open to ratings. So, these maps can act as voting polls and choice making device. Visualizations on the maps are subject to automatic alteration depending on the weight of every point.
  8. There are direct URLs specifying links to the whole debate or segments of it.
  9. Debategraph does not promote despotism regarding your rationale but transparency and precision behind your reasoning is essential.

So, a Debategraph gives you the liberty to speak out your mind in front of thousands of people to hear you and put up their views too. It will be quite a learning experience for you.

Download : Debategraph

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